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If you've noticed moisture on your ceiling and its cold outside, your home may be at risk of an ice dam. These occur when snow and ice build-up. Your living area creates warm air, which causes snow and ice to melt in some areas. The portion of the roof over the eaves remains frozen, though. When water runs down from the main roof, it hits the frozen area and builds up. This is an ice dam.
Do you have roof leaks?
You may get roof leaks brought on by ice dams. Shingles are meant to shed water from top to bottom. Sometimes, due to wind or ice dams, water moves from side-to-side and gets under the shingles. In other cases, ice dams are brought on by poor ventilation and insulation in the attic.
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Let our experienced team come to your home to provide a full assessment of ice dams in the gutters. We'll properly clean out any ice and snow from the gutters to help prevent damage to your roof outside and the ceiling inside your home.
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